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Jemsh D Phil Cantrill

Jemsh D

Phil Cantrill

Published December 19th 2014
ISBN : 9781482895575
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 About the Book 

For centuries, an ancient, powerful race known as the daevas has kept humanity enslaved. On the day humanity refused to accept its fate any longer, the first human leaders of Persia led the revolt-and humanity was finally freed. Humiliated and enraged, the daevan leader, Ahriman, vows to recapture his lost slave race at any cost. He places the blame on one human-the victorious Shah Tahmoures-and Ahrimans revenge will be brutal. When Jem, the shahs son, foils a vicious assassination attempt, the prince finds himself embarking on a journey that will test his bravery and destiny as the next leader of his people. To save the Crystal Throne, he will be challenged beyond anything he could imagine. Kidnapped by his enemies, he finds strange, new friends along the way. Against his will, he is transported to a land far from his home and understanding. But in order to save his people, Jem must fight his way back to Persia before Ahriman strikes again. Vastly outnumbered Tahmoures and Jem lead their army in a final battle against a mighty and implacable enemy. Together, they hold the fate and freedom of humanity in their hands.