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The Films of Derek Jarman William Pencak

The Films of Derek Jarman

William Pencak

Published October 1st 2002
ISBN : 9780786414307
205 pages
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 About the Book 

Derek Jarmans films explore the possibilities and limitations of same-sex love and self-expression during various historical eras, ranging from ancient Egypt to present times. His work covers a millennium of sexual repression and efforts to escape this repression. Jarman provides us with a cinematic history of people whose homoerotic passions had a major impact on western civilization in religion, art, politics, philosophy, and war. This book provides historical background information on each of Jarmans fifteen scripts and films. The chapters are program notes to his films from a historical perspective. An interpretation of Jarmans intentions, gleaned from the directors writings and writings about him, is also provided. This work reveals Jarmans importance as a keen student of the limits of historical knowledge, and delineates the role of history in inspiring change or preserving inertia in the present struggle against homophobia.