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Larksong At Dawn Agnes Russell

Larksong At Dawn

Agnes Russell

Published 1977
271 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I sank back and closed my eyes. My head was throbbing unbearably- I had no more strength.Someone turned the lamps down. A bowl of salt was put upon my stomach and then the cloth was pulled up over my face. From all around me rose the strange, blood-chilling dirge of the women and I knew that I was living out some weird and horrible nightmare in the mountain stronghold of a horde of Tam OShanters devils. I had the wild thought that I was to be some sort of Pagan sacrifice, but either terror or weakness kept me where I was. I could see nothing through the cool linen cloth which covered my face and hear nothing but the womens keening.The pity was that I would die without learning the meaning of the strange warning I had received from the old witch, which now came thundering through my mind as my life was slipping away:Avoid evil and evil will avoid you!